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Sexual intercourse will become irrelevant to the re-population of the species, fetishes will be transformed as virtual reality pornography tailors character forms to the instant gratification of the perverted viewers. It will be better this way, we can all be safe in our bubbles. No more discomfort. It will feel better than the real thing.


sex with robots
pick a perfect pleasure partner
customize creations
change it on a whim

sex with robots
split their insides open
come on in and poke around
you dont have to worry about clean up

sex with robots
so much more convienet
do it when you want it
hang it in your closet

sex with robots
bigger smaller good fit
changes with your moods so
always sync up with it

disconnecting emotions
disconnecting limbs
rearranging feelings
reorganizing genetalia

why not why not why not?
feels good

sex with robots
pleasure mechanisms
resizable chasms
always orgasm

sex with robots
tight so loose it’s skin
unlimited options
even the ugo’s win

think about it, burn victims, mentally ill, all 100% safe

sex with robots
tickle my tips my tentacles taste so tender
tinder was a game now everyones the winner

sex with robots
you get to pick and choose
your own parts their parts too
it’s about what YOU wanna do

sex with robots
so many ways
to feel pleasure
don’t judge me
itll happen, trust me
it wont hurt any body
realize you’re lonely
concieve in your fantasy

sex with robots

plump rump gel implant jiggly thicker
you can bicker with it
gain it’s respect
if it can feel pleasure can it feel pain?

“you don’t feel pain, do you baby?”


from Mars 22​,​000 Years Into The Future (In progress), released February 14, 2017
Joe Isom ? Cello
Billy McShane ? Saxophone
Shawn Chiki


all rights reserved



Lesionread Buffalo, New York


Shawn Chiki and bunches of friends

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