by jon bap, lesionread

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some bumper music? meh... songs are too short for MY tastes


released February 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Lesionread Buffalo, New York

free on the internet cuz the internet isnt real, right?


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Harry Graser
Reggie Clark
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Track Name: Break Me Down?
Everything is OFF... axis

nothing hits it 'dead on' for me

I thought I hit the nail on the head...

Break me down till you see...


oh won't you break me down
oh won't you break me down
can't you see me now,
I'm falling from the sky

accelerating down, down
accelerating down
nothing left to think about
till the day you die

woke up, opened my eyes
I changed my shirt three times
I've been invisible to the naked eye

walked out my apartment door
climbed to the 13th floor

can't you see me now,
I'm falling from the sky
Track Name: Clowning Around
I remember I was there

you wouldn't kiss me, you thought they would stare

oh, I was there.

you had a bow in your hair

Track Name: infinite everything
is anybody noticing what we are?
infinite everything doesn't care
the mind frame is steady stuck on going far along
but soon it disappears like it wasn't there

you place things first when they came in last
and bring things in that never did exist
thoughts always change as we create past
ill admit i was wrong if you insist
Track Name: Your Friends (project 2.2)
I've never ground my teeth more
I forgot what I was fighting for, was working for
and when the terms that we once used got 'late'
I said to suppress it all and open the flood gates

The lucid dreams are always the best,
It's times like those I need my rest
I'm so cold, I'm so tired, I'm so morbid, I'm so depressed.

I don't trust you
and I don't trust your friends
Even if that means
That I don't trust my friends

I feel guilty talking about you
I don't think that you are going to get any help
I'm the one that's sorry, not you.
I'm sorry about the way that you turned out.
Track Name: Garblefat
Mixed signals floatin all around me
I’m still wondering how you fucking found me
Shimmy in a conversation garble in the noise
I'm taking my time to secure my poise

I took you to a place where I knew I couldn’t be
Tired times often strangle what you see
Tired times don't often let me breath
Tired times push me

To the
Limit, let me win it.
Do anything that will get me paid
Meant to win it
As long as I get laid

Bubbles still sinking
Hair in the face, don’t get it cut
But I still Keep thinking
That I know everything about her.

Is it in her response?
An awkward smile to tiny gage

Girl, I know what you want
You want me.
Track Name: Don't Come Back
If you're gunna run out that door, I don't want to see you come back.

If you're gunna run out that door, I don't want to see you come back.

your friends are concerned but
they don't want to see you come back

you left their hearts burning
they don't want to see you come back

no, no, no, no!
Track Name: jon bap - To me
i eat islands and spit the waves
pulled back my hair for you today

obsessive compulsive I know, it's been clear
still I wore my jeans, the ones I thought you would like

please entertain me now
with a kiss, smile, i don't care what it's about.

please entertain me now.

i took a chance, and I made it mine
i saw myself again

Track Name: Frozen (live)
Think about it, think about it
if it's good, you let it grow

you're violet, I'm hopeful

give it a chance, give me a chance
you know that I'm persistent

Always, always, always, always love
you know I'll always love you

Always, always love
I'll always love

If I could whisper in your ear
I'd surely freeze before I could say
Any single phrase
That might carry us away

Along with what you'd hoped...
I'm waiting, I've been waiting for

Along with what you'd hoped...
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for...

Always, always, always, always love
I'll always love you

Always, always love
I'll always love

Oh, these moments pass by too quickly
Oh, the future couldn't come too soon

(for you)

(that was kinda good, I guess)